About Us

Silachi Club offers fun events, matchmaking, and dating services in Bellevue, Washington. Our goal is to provide quality introductions for busy professionals seeking a serious relationship.

The name Silachi is composed of two words. Sila means strength / right action, and Chi means energy. The name attests to the mission of Silachi Club – to be a source of strength, support, and guidance for you in your quest to find your perfect match. 

Alex Akselrod

Founder & Matchmaker

Alex is a Certified Life Coach with over 8 years experience working in alternative medicine field. He guides people through stress and major life changes using a path of empowerment and healing.

Irene Sher

Matchmaker & Coach

Irene is an alternative psychologist with over 10 years experience and master of positive life transformation. She uses scientifically proven holistic methods to ease the emotional burden and to improve the quality of relationships.

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